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About Tripod

Tripod has been helping people get online since 1995.

Whether it's for a small business, organization, or personal website, Tripod provides the tools and services to build a professional-looking website. Our drag-and-drop builder, Zeeblio, helps our members effortlessly create and manage an online presence. For those with more experience, Tripod offers competitive hosting packages and premium features that let you create and code to the best of your abilities.

No matter your skill level, our "easy to do-it-yourself" mentality is what has allowed us to remain a popular building destination for many website owners.

Who is Tripod?

The Boston-based Tripod team is made up of a colorful group of engineers, designers, and businessmen and women.

We love sci-fi and the Red Sox (with a few rogue Yankees fans), but most importantly, we love our jobs.